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I first went to SVU 1982 to the Botany Department to teach a microbial physiology course. This was organised by Prof. N.V. Naidu, funded by the British Council. He then founded the Virology department. I returned for many visits , mainly to the virology, microbiology and biochemistry departments. In later visits I taught most of molecular biology and bioenergetics. I always stayed in the SVU guest house. Over the years I was funded by The British Council, The Royal Society, The Wellcome Trust, The Society for General Microbiology and The Biochemical Society. A couple of times I was self-funded using money given me for visits to Japan (from Mitsubishi and from The Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science). Ths staff of the University were always very hospitable and were wonderful hosts.

The courses are all at MSc level and last 2 years; The final year and the Previous year (!).
SVU is located just outside the town, bordered on its south side by the westward road from Tirupati to Chandragiri, Chittoor and Bangalore. On the western edge is the guest house. On the West of the teaching campus is a large residential area planted with trees, with houses mainly for staff. On the East of the campus, towards the town is an area taken up by student hostels where most students live. Students are housed together with those doing the same subject in the same year of the course.

I do not have records of many student names. Please inform me of additional names or mistakes; contact me through email (c.anthony ATsoton.ac.uk) or facebook (chris anthony)

I have included pictures of staff and student in my first visits (1982-2001)
See below for links to many pictures of student friends from 2002 - 2015

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  1982    My first visit.
  Prof. N.V. Naidu (2nd from right) with his young son and Chowdappa behind.
On the right is Dr Sreenivasulu. Sorry I cannot remember names of the 2 staff on the left.
Chowdappa in Botany Department and outside the University library. He was an MSc student who became a good friend.
  'MSc Previous' students
  With Prof. Venkaiah and Biochemistry students. I gave a few lectures in his department Chowdappa again in front of the auditoriuml
  Guesthouse staff, always so helpful and sympathetic With Chowdappa with view from Department.

These are the Peace and Solidarity Council. They wanted me to give a lecture. I said this was not possible but said i would be happy to have public question session. But when I arrived for this I found that I was advertised by a huge banner across the front of the main administration building: International scientist Dr Christopher Anthony will lecture on the history of science, UK politics, the place of women in society and the importance of religion.

Their youngest member was this boy, Manjunath who led many of the questions. We kept in touch and he took me two years later on a tour of Mysore.

  Prof.Venkaiah with a view of the site for his new biochemistry department and also virology department My welcome to farewell event by biochemists who seem to have learned something
TOP I cannot remember if these were Microbiology or Biochemistry students. I am fairly sure they are biochemists
  1992   I was in the Biochemistry Department, lecturing on protein synthesis and energetics (I may have confused this with 1994)
  With postgrads At the freshers welcome where they put on hilarious sketches
TOP Biochemistry Department outside the temporary accomodation. Dr Thyagaraju on left Venkaiah on the right. They do look happy; I hope it is not because I was about to leave
  The auditorium. Looks like deflated airship. Excellent inside  
  With Prof. Venkaiah setting up the lecture theatre. The decorations are leftovers All working well
  The students prepare these events. The staff seem to think it is a matter of dutifully suffering. Bad. Reddy, Muthy, Appa Rao, me, Venkaiah, Parthasararthy.
  Parthasararthy, Appa Rao,  Reddy, Murthy, Venkaiah Staff and scholars
  Our farewell dinner. They have seated us between courses but Ratnakar had to remain 'in proper position sir'
  MSc students in their hostel Station farewell
  1995 (?) I am uncertain about dates of pictures about this period  
  Prof Srinivasulu and Sai Gopal at microbiology students farewell function for me Two special students: Rajiv Dixit and Nagaraju
  1999  I have very few pictures  
  From a previous year; view of starting building of Virology Department, finished in 1998.     Developed by Prof. Naidu to be furthest from the centre to avoid contamination by 'politicsl' arts students
  Biotechnology students. In hexagonal rooom with glass-less windows. Very exciting during rain storms
TOP A few of favourite students Nagaraju who adopted me and remains a great friend
     2001   I have included all the pictures from this year.   I have no record of names so please contact me to tell.
  With Prof. Srinivasulu and Dr Sai Gopal with student delivering a witty speech at farewell function  
    Sudarshan is looking at camera and Satish is behind him.
TOP   2nd from left is Sudarshan Poojari, a good friend. Before I taught them to smile
  2002  Many pictures of the students are on another page  
  View from the Microbiology Department The new Microbiology Department          Rof Srinivasulu (Head) and Sai Gopal. Wonderful hosts
TOP View toward the hills My usual farewell chat
  2003    For many more pictures of the students click here  
  Views of the campus from the virology building, showing the new Biochemistry building, the library and the administration building. And the wonderful tall slim Ashok trees
  Prof Srinivasulu and Sai Gopal A happy ganf
  The walls of the outside corridor/balcony provides excellent microscope light In the labs
  My classroom A special student: Satheesh - a kind helper and bike driver to get me to lectures.   Sai Gopal and his scooter
TOP My farewell with guest (?) and Prof Srinivasulu. Note the nice sentimental message With another helper and friend Rajiv Dixit
  2004    For more picture of students in 2004 Click Here           No pictures of the University but this was a very special group of Microbiology students so I have put many of them here
  Visiting the guest house In their hostel. The highest proportion of smiles ever. Shekar is in front.
    Alwasy such a pretty welcome
    Thahir Bash sp.?) is in centre
TOP Daya on the left. Centre front is Naresh Kumar who became a friend for many years as a research scholar Sudarshan Reddy and Subramanyam With Daya the smile
   2005             For more picture of students in 2005 Click Here     
  In hostel In guest house
  Some very special people. Sorry I do not have names
  My host Prof Srinivasulu with the Dean, the Principal and lecturer and always friend, Sai Gopal A very special class
  Satheesh, reserch scholar, friend and driver ?, me, Thahir Bash (SP?) 2nd from left Chandra sekhar Names? With Subramanyam at guest house
TOP Basha (right) with ?? Naresh Kumar with ??? Subramanyam (Subbu) and Vinod Kumar  Surendra Reddy? with Geeta in her home in Tirupati
  2006   For more picture of students in 2006 Click Here   
  All a bit serious A special group. 2nd from right in front is Liz's friend, Jyothi ,who many years later came to UK
  In hostel. Srinivas (2nd from right) became a friend Such a welcome sight at start of 9.30 lecture
TOP Friend, Scholar and driver, Satheesh Other research scholar friends, Subramanyam and Naresh Kumar
  2007     For more pictures of this great group students in 2007 Click Here
The girls (ladies) sometimes come to the guest house but I am not allowed in their hostels. This year Liz was able to visit them in their campus hostel so I am able to include more of them . I owe a big thanks to them for looking after Liz with such affection.
  I was invited to give this lecture at a function to celebrate the life of N.V. Naidu, the founder of the Virology Department and my first host in SVU in 1982. My punishment for the lecture. Prof. Sai Gopal is on my right
  At my farewell function. My host Prof. Sai Gopal is on the left. A poem in my honour!
  A very special class of students
  Murali, an old friend from guest house Chandrasekar (brilliant secretary) and Sateesh Fleeing happily from my room Sreedar, Hari and Chaitanya; 3 special friends
TOP At the hostel Subbaiah; small enthusiastic and affectionate - they packed in a box for me to take home with me Thanks from student; sorry cannot rememner name In the Ladies' hostel; Jyothi on the right. Liz took this as I was not allowed into their hostel
  2008    For more pictures of this group students in 2008 Click Here  
  The library. Usually empty when I went there; the students prefer the cool of the evening outside Satheesh and Chaitanya in Microbiology Department
  Final year microbiology students in hostel; Chaitanya on my right and Subbhaiah on my left Three special biochemists: Raghav, Prasad and Ravi. Still friends on facebook
  Chaitanya at work and play Ravi never stops smiling Ramani (on left) on guest house roof
TOP Microbiologists More microbiolgists. Sunil is friend in foreground. Subramanyam is lecturing
  2009  For more pictures of this group of students in 2009 Click Here  
  I show a picture of this event each year to show us getting older and wiser What a privilege to be amonst this happy gang
TOP The ladies The gents
  2010      For more pictures of this group of students in 2010 Click Here      I taught in both Microbiology and Biochemistry Departments
  Sai Gopal in standard signing mode. A typical friendly atmosphere Joined by Chadappa (from 1982 class), and his son Vinay who later came to studu in Southampton
  Prof. Thyagaraju and the biochemists Chowdappa on my left as guest of homour at a welcome lecture
  In the biochemist's hostel, C Block With the microbiologists B Block I think. Mallikarjuna and Bala in front row. Sarath Babu on left at back
  Microbiologists. Bala is in front nearest camera At my farewell funcition
TOP Bala Ankaiah Naik and a very good friend Edwin Sateesh A delegation bringing me a clean shirt for a function More good friends
  2011    Mainly to teach Microbiology courses but also 6 bioenergetics lectures in Biochemistry.       For more pictures of this group of students in 2011 Click Here
  Moon over Admin building Found in lecture theatre passed to microbiology The library study area
  In the auditorium The courtyard of C block. Edwin is bowling
  Sai Gopal with our Microbiology students Smiling Microbiologists in their hostel
  Biochemistry students in their comfortable lecture theatre Microbiologists in their new but still less comfortable lecture theatre

Biochemist friends ?, Naik (?) and Edwin

Special microbiologists Happy Sunil With Sarath in Kalyan Residency restaurant
  Visit to Botany Department to give lecture     They laughed at the jokes but few understood the science. Very friendly department
  My kind audience Prof Sudarsanan welcoming a nervous-looking speaker
TOP With Prof. Sudarsanam in the Botany Department where it all started with my visits to Prof. NV Naidu Still smiling at half time
     2012     For more pictures of this group of students in 2012 Click Here             Giving Molecular biology lectures in the Microbiology Department and some in Biochemistry
  My welcome at the PURSE Centre where I gave my lectures. The Centre, providing a lot of advanced equipment and staff and space was awarded to SVU as a result of of work by Sai Gopal and his colleagues, Apparently helped a bit by the fact that the department had had an important international visitor every year (?!?!). Some of the nicest students ever. Prof Sai Gopal about to present me with the poster at the end of my visit
  I wish I could remember the joke. Special friends were Bhanu and Lalitha on the left There fewer students this year by always a pleasure to teach. Special helpful friend Srikanth in centre
  Virologists and Microbiologist in hostel. Sreekanth on left and Bharadwaj (Kartick) on right (rear) The tallest is the wonderful friendly Ram whose low ability in English frustrated his enthusiasm
  Lalitha (left) and Bhanu (right) with other good friends. On the roof of guest house "No Sir, you must be seated; you are central in our lives"
  PURSE staff; always so helpful. Bhuvana, Venkaiah, Janikiramy and Dr. Subba Rao Sreekanth Bharadwaj (Kartick) Manohar, Mohan, Narasimra Rao, Rajesh
TOP The University auditorium; a music festival
     2013   For more pictures of this group of students in 2013  Click Here       
  The entrance to my kingdoms Narasimha, Sai Gopal, Hema and ? (sorry)
  In hostel. Larger room than usual but it takes 8 students The Ladies were usually more responsive than the Gents
  1st year Virology Koti, Venkat(eshwarlu), Mallikarjuna, Suresh and Ramachandran (1st Virology)
  Final year Virology (my friend and helper, Manohar is front right) Sai Gopal providing a serious moment in my farewell function
TOP Names please? Suresh, Mallikarjuna and Venkat. With Mallikarjuna Manohar
       2014    I have found very few pictures from this visit. Sorry.  
  With my host and long-time friend Prof. Sai Gopal Prof. Venkaiah. Long-retired professor of Biochemistry and good friend
  Final year Virologists: front two are Suresh and Mallikarjuna 1st year microbiologists
  Visitors from my past:   Subramanyam                            Moin                                                                                  Edwin                                                                            With me as my 'PA' in Chenna11
        2015  For more pictures of this group of students in 2015  Click Here  
  With Prof. Rajendra, excellent molecular biologist and Vice Chancellor At my farewell function. Dr Pramoda Kumari (Head Microbiology), Dr Hema (Head Virology) and Prof. Sai Gopal.
  Virology students (maybe some microbiology)  
  Virology/microbiology students in hostel. Always helpful Bhuvaneswar, is on left of picture Final year Virology student friends. Small centre friend is Mastan. On the right is Chinna (sorry have lost other names)
  Biochemistry gents. Biochemistry students at my last lecture. An old friend, always so helpful, is Vijay Kumar, front right. Hanumar is rear right. Biochemistry Ladies. The lady on the left is a special friend (Ramya) who sent cheerful texts to remind me to come and teach them. No smiles here as it was first day and they were nervous of this strange man.
  Five very special people at my Biochemistry Department farewell- my hosts and friends in Biochemistry Department for many years:Drs Balaji, Reddy, Appa Rao, Murthy and Thyagaraju. Thank you all.

Biochemistry boys. Saran, Basha, Anand and Raju (I hope i have remebered correctly)

  A very happy visit to my guest house roof garden from the virology ladies. They did make me feel so special
  Dr Hema. So excellent in every way. Thanks Chandu (final virology). A good and helpfull friend, dutifully admiring my bird book Very special friends A nice mix: Raju and Bablu from village
TOP Moin on a visit Engineering students who I met the day after Southampton had beaten Man United - their team Engineers. Komal who became a very good friend is 4th from left Farewell dinner in Sindhuri Park restaurant