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  These are collections of photos that are already on my main India Pictures pages, arranged partly to show changes over the years 1982 - 2015. It is also an excercise in nostalgia for me,
I first went there in 1982 to the Botany Department in Sri Venkateswara University (SVU) to teach a microbial physiology course. I returned for many visits , mainly to the virology, microbiology and biochemistry departments. I always stayed in the SVU guest house. In the mornings and evenings I usually went for a walk with my cameras, collecting large collection of bird photos and photos of rural India. I regularly walked into town also. In about 2002 a boy from a nearby village (part of Thumulagunta) invited me to visit his village and I becamse the village photographer getting to know the villagers as well as possible when few of them spoke much English. Later, the teenage boys 'adopted' me, visiting the guest house to entertain themselves and me.
Between 2002 and 2011 I started and finished my visits to Tirupati by spending a few days at a fishing village with beach hotels about 50km south of Chennai - Mahabalipuram.
  My Tirupati History pictures: SVU guest house Hanuman temple in Tirupati  The Railways  The local rail level crossing    Tirupati at play  
                          Tirupati resting Sri Venkateswara temple at Tirumala Sri Govindaraja swamy temple Tirupati transport  
    Tirupati at work Thumulagunta village SVU University including staff and students Mahabalipuram (fishing village South of Chennai)
  My bird photos
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...TOP.................. The SVU Guest house         My home for a total of more than 2 years, between 1982 and 2015. It was on the road that goes from Tirupati past Chandragiri to Chittoor and Bangalore. I was able to have visitors here. These were staff, students, friends and in the last few years small gangs of my village friends. Their pictures in the guest house are elsewhere on my site
  Pictures from 1982    1984   1993    1999   2003    2006    2007  2009  2010    2011    2012   2013    2014    2015    
  My transport outside guest house My room was left of the right hand Ashoka tree
  Views from my windowThe elephants live in the nearby dairy farm and walk down to the temple twice a day View of the hills. The Sri Venkateswara temple in Tirumula is up in the hills
TOP 1984
  The guesthouse staff
TOP 1993
  Guest house front The annex where I stayed for visits over a number of years
The guest house road  
  Surya in the first year we really met up. In my reading in the sun chair.    With my friendly 'dummy watchman sir' My room
TOP 1999
  On steps of my annex room Opposite the Guest house on the way home
TOP 2003
  View from my 'inside' veranda My nice big room with Sasi (left) and Imran taking over
  To show size of room The road is wider now so they had to run
TOP 2004  
  The first of the breakfast boys opposite the guest house. Murali. On the staff of the guest house became a good friend fro many years
TOP 2006
  Building an extension to the Guest house  
    My newly decorated room, with working lights, fan, water system, air conditioning
TOP 2007 The year Liz came with me. This year they were extending the dining room. and here were working next to 'our' roof opposite our room. Because my guest room the year before was now so good I thought it will be good for Liz to come. It was too good so they gave it to the Vice-Chancellor.
  Liz at the guest house Now relegated to a room in main building. Liz said she enjoyed camping. Had nice access to roof.
  Newly decorated foyer, with welocming god. Sunset view from the roof
TOP 2010  
  My room for many visits. It opened almost directly onto the roof (my garden). T Sury bringing my tea on the roof
  Newly painted stairwell. Breakfast snack bar opposite guest house
TOP 2011  
  Corridor outside my room towards the setting sun Just outside guest house, with fruit sellars on pavement on left and level crossing in the distance
  Entrance to road to Agriculture college opposite Guest house At entrance with the friendly starf
  My room
TOP 2012  
  Moin in my room Evening from the roof
  Early Sunday morning. View from other side of road Venu, the kind staff member who woke me with tea every morning
TOP 2013  
  Home Just outside guest house at the start of the melon season
  My walk to level crossing Moin on the roof after a rare windy rainstorm
TOP 2014  
  The beginning of my morniing walk opposite the Guest house The start of my walk - the Iron men
TOP 2015  
  Breakfast Lunch
  My neighbours opposite the Guest house Sunday morning market
  Sunday morning market My old friend Sury at Puja
  Bharath in his usual mode - Password Sir ? Krishna
TOP Balachandran playing Smash hit on my iPad Some of the Thumulagunta gang on the roof