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INDIA 2009 Pictures taken 18th January - 24th February    For other India pics Click here
Virology/Microbiology Department and student friends
Tirupati Friends (including some students
Tirupati 2009                                                      TOP
Entrance to the guest house after its first redecoration since 1982 [my 1st visit]
Guest house staff
View from outside my room; my links to the rest of the world
My water supplier; developed from the hut selling Spencer's Kickapoo Joy Juice in 1982
Welcome archway to Tirupati. the guest house is past the level crossing on right.
Shrine for Krishna in TTD dairy farm with Chowpatty waving
Krishna at entrance to Chowpatty's office
Temple elephants returning home to the dairy farm
Waiting for the start at the level crossing.
Neem tree in dairy farm. The new houses are encroaching from the right towards Thumulagunta on the left.
Walking towards the hills
Christopher Dass and family including Flute Charlie [seated] and Steven in Charlie's house
Frooty corner run by Christopher Dass in Giripuram
Even the buffalo girls have cell phones
Some of my evening friends [walking up towards NCC Nagar]
Another evening friend
Another evening friend, Krishna
This is how temples start [an anthill taken over by a cobra]
Sri Govindaswarmy temple in centre of Tirupati
Beggar boy as Hanuman                                                                   Beggar man as Guru
Some of my students in their hostel room
'Garland road' at night
Indian Robin displaying to the elecricity supply
The Virology/Microbiology Department
Most of these pictures were taken at my 'farewell function'
The guests of honour including Prof. Srinivasulu [Principal] and Prof Sai Gopal [Head]
Sai Gopal in full flow                                   Suresh [Brilliant helpful Office assistant]
Mainly first year students [known as 'Previous Year']
Gopi with his father
Moin Mohammed sitting on bed in hostel room
Moin in our favourite pure-veg restaurant, Sindhuri Park
Moin in my room in the guesthouse [note disposal system for water bottles]
Slimline Sunil sharing his dreams with his cell phone
Farewell dinner in Fortune Kences Hotel. Sunil, Gopi, Subramanian, Madhav, Ravi and Raghav
Sunil and Subramanian
Mahabalipuram                                                         TOP
Mahabalipuram is a fishing village about 50km south of Chennai. The 8th century temples on the shore and the rock sculptures are the basis of its World Heritage classification. I stayed in my usual small hotel The Golden Sun Resort


Gopi outside our room in Golden Sun
Gopi with shore temple in distance
Part of shore temple
Thumulagunta                                                               TOP
This is a small village south of Tirupati 20 minutes walk from guesthouse. I have friends there from many years ago and I seem to have become the village photographer. Looking back from 2013 I have now been able to give some names to these friends.
Universal pleasure of playing with fire; Jogesh is in centre
Girls are much safer
Balaji with sister (?) and Barath Kumar who later became a good friend
Balaji with Mounish and Suman, both becoming good friends
Barath in centre and Said on right
Same group but i have captured Said this time. Barath's younger brother is on his right
Balaji's neighbour (taken from his roof) but I cannot remember who lives here
Said, Mounish and ? Mounish has on his photolook That's happier
Balaji's sister (name pls? ) Name pls











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