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TOP University staff and students

With the VC, Prof. Rajendra

vc of SV university tirupati
At my farewell function. Four very special people: Dr Pramoda Kumari (Head Microbiology), Dr Hema (Head Virology) and Prof. Sai Gopal. virology staff SV university
Five very special people at my Biochemistry Department farewell- my hosts and friends in Biochemistry Department for many years:Drs Balaji, Reddy, Appa Rao, Murthy and Thyagaraju biochemistry staff SV university tirupati
Chandu final virology. A good and helpfull friend, dutifully admiring my bird book with cousin Mahesh Babu
Mixed microbiology/virology students in hostel. My most loyal Virology student, Bhuvaneswar, is on left of picture

Virology/microbiology students

The ladies on the left (virology and microbiology)
Biochemistry Ladies on the right. The lady on the left is a special friend (Ramya) who sent cheerful texts to remind me to come and teach them. No smiles here as it was first day and they were nervous of this strange man.

Biochemistry boys.

RHS: Saran Basha, Anand and Raju

Biochemistry ladies: Ramya (?), Rajitha , Farhana, Vyshnavi, Vajravathi.

Please correct names if I make mistakes


Biochemistry students at my last lecture. An old friend, always so helpful, is Vijay Kumar, front right. Hanumar is rear right.
Final year Virology student friends. Small centre friend is Mastan. On the right is Chinna (sorry have lost other names)
Some nicely attentive ladies during my farewell lecture
Virology ladies, given the afternoon off so they can visit me in guest house
Spot the odd one out

Photos were taken in every possible combination and permutation. I have rarely felt so special.


This is a nice picture of my roof 'garden'

My special biochemist friend, Raju with special Balachandran from Thumalagunta


On the right is a gift from my lady virologists. Another reason to feel special

Top Tirupati Friends      Also see Thumulagunta friends       
A most special friend. Moin met me at the airport, delivered me to Tirupati, sustained me there, then delivered me back to airport. He was an MSc Biotechnology student when I first met him; now final year PhD student in University of Hyderabad.
Gopi (on left) with father and younger brother, Ajay. They came to visit from Chittoor on the bike.

A very special family

Charlie Praveen and his family. His wife, my favourite cook in India (K.Sree) in her special domain. Charlie is a musician, playing flutes and selling flutes in chennai

Steven (student, dancer and singer) and beautiful sister Teena

Btec engineering students (1st year):Babu, Mahesh (the funniest friend ever) and ? ?

2nd Year Engineering students the first time I met them. Komal (tall, centre) became a very good friend.


My cricketing friend Shanmugan (on left) My nearest neighbour; I have known him since he was the little smiling boy who always ran out to say hello.

On right is Prof Bhaskar Reddy (see below

In front garden of guesthouse.
Prof Parthasarathy (previous Head of Biochemistry) with his friend (centre), Prof. Bhaska Reddy, visiting me from Guntur. Parthasarathy's brother is on right.

My old friend Ranga, Professor of Ayurvedic medicine.

G.R. Naidu Andhrajyothi reporter, come to interview me.

Farewell with Raju and friends (1st year Biochemistry)
Sad Farewell in Sindhuri Park. Komal with Mahendra and ? (sorry)