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INDIA 2006   19th January - 21st FebruaryFor other India pics Click here

I was met in Chennai by my friend Imran. We went direct to Mahabalipuram on the coast for a few days. This was one year after the 2004 Boxing day Tsunami which had wrecked many places along the beach. Then on to Tirupati where I stayed for five weeks, teaching in Sri Venkateshwara University [SVU]. As usual I stayed in the SVU Guest House, 3km from town on the Bangalore road. I was the guest of Professor Srinivasulul, Head of the Virology Department. I gave a total of about 24 lectures and tutorials in the Virology Department and some lectures in the Biochemistry Department. I also visited Imran, Madhu and Gopi in Kadapa, Chittoor and nearby villages

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Maps of Tirupati and area Mahabalipuram Tirupati town
Thumulagunta village University students and friends
  Gopi's villages Tirumula, Chittoor and Kadapa
Maps of Tirupati and area of travels                                              TOP

Mahabalipuram  I came to Mahabalipuram (aka Mammalapuram) with Imran on the way, with Mahdu on the way home. The re-building only one year after the 2004 boxing day tsunami was most impressive  
The pool with Imran, and our room in The Golden Sun, Mahabalipuram
Small beach temple
The Temple dedication
These new boats were paid for by a German charity to replace those wrecked in the tsunami
Preparing nets for the night fishing
The smaller type of fishing boat - outboard-powered balsa wood boat
Outboard motor

Who needs an outboard?

Who needs a boat
On our balcony on return trip with Madhu. Golden Sun was full so we had to make do with the
Temple Sands Resort for a night before going to the Blue Lagoon near Chennai
Madhu instructing local boys on using binoculars
Madhu making the most of our temporary 5-star status
Our driver at the Blue Lagoon where my phone was stolen

Student and friends                                                                          TOP
The virology boys; the smile winner is on the right
The girls trying to get themselves organised. "We love you sir" Mutual
What a special set. Jyothi is second left in front. They are dressed up for my farewell function
Some the boys in the hostel after presenting me with flower (for our beloved guru)
Subramanyam (Subbu) and Naresh Kumar
Srinivas (left) and his brother Mahesh (right). Sorry cannot remember other names
This year's smile, from Nissar
Gentle Srinivas
Mahesh, the less gentle brother of Srinivas
Nagaraju Madhu
Gopi with Subramanyam (Subbu)
Gopi at the guestline hotel swimming pool
The coolest in Tirupati
Satheesh, a reseach scholar who looked after me
Here as my driver









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