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  There were so many problems this year for staff and students that I did much less teaching and had fewer interactions with students in hostels or guesthouse. I usually record pictures of students toward the end of my visit but the strikes stopped that. That is why there are so few student pictures.

Prof. Sai Gopal

Head of Virology and my kind and competent host and friend.


Prof. Venkaiah. Previous Head of Biochemistry and good friend

sai gopal prof venkaiah
Moin; Most special friend who meets me in Chennai. Here shown tending his mutant rice plants in University of Hyderabad moin mazahar
Edwin Satheesh in garden of Trident hotel in Chennai, on my way home edwin satheesh
a previou biochemistry student; now very special friend

Virology Research scholar and friend for many years
edwin Subramanyam
Final year Virologists: front two are Suresh and Mallikarjuna

1st year microbiologists

Gopi with wife, Lakshmi


Now working in Bangalore

I have known him since he was an engineering student in Chittoor

gopi yadev
Charlie my flute playing frined with his son Steven

Charlie's mother and wife preparing my wonderful dinner
All the ladies together

Teena, Charlie's beautiful daughter
With Steven; now and previously