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Friends and students   22nd January - 23rd February 2005

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Although divided as friends and students, of course the students became my friends.
Special friends include my friends in Thumulagunta village, and Imran, who I first met in Tirupati, and Madhu and Gopi, friends of Imran, first met in Chittoor. I visited Imran in Kadapa; Madhu and Gopi in Chittoor and Gopi in his family villages near Chittoor.

Friends Madhu and Gopi in Chittoor Student friends  
Friends         TOP                               
Imran and gopi in the guest house
Imran and Gopi in a hotel pool
Father of Surya Parakash (Venkateshwara Rao) and mother; my second home
Gopi and Imran in Surya's home. Sadly Surya is now in England studying
With Surya's neighbours
Balaji (centre) from Thumulagunta with Gopi
Balaji at guesthouse with Kotesh (??Kotyk??)
Kotesh, Venkataramana and friend at guesthouse
Madhu with student friends, Shekar (?) and Kalyan
Reception desk at the hotel Kalyan Residency where Surya used to work. Good friend Maria Susai is on right
With Sai Gopal's nephew Sumanth on roof
Seetaramaraju, brother of Nagaraju
A friend met in town Gopi  
Madhu and Gopi in Chittoor  
Characteristic picture of Madhu patiently waiting at my guest house room  
Madhu rushing around the bus station getting our bus to Chittoor. He had kindly come to collect me in Tirupati to save me the problem of finding the right bus. We met Gopi at bus station in Chittoor
The bus station
Up stairs is Madhu's family home in Chittoor (sorry for poor picture)
Madhu's family
We drove here with Gopi and Madhu's friend (also called Madhu I think). Visiting Agaronda temple on hill
Memories of wonderful day
Madhu the best biker in India
Gopis's family; with mother, father and younger brother, Ajay
Gopi's wonderful parents
Madhu recovering at Guestline pool; "I am english, Chris having a sun bath"


Student friends               TOP             
Attendance register
Boys in the hostel
Return visit to my guest house
Basha (right) with ??
Naresh Kumar with ???
Subramanyam (Subbu) and Vinod Kumar
Reddy (? Surendra Reddy? ) with Geeta in her home in Tirupati
Part of my class. Typically the most important person has her hand over her mouth.
My farewell function
My host Prof Srinivasulu with the Dean, the Principal and my previous student, now lecturer, later head of Department and always friend, Sai Gopal
Satheesh, reserch scholar, friend and driver Helpful friend and student (sorry; name?)
Some of my lovely ladies
Not so lovely but perfectly acceptable
A very special lady
Ghostly picture
Daya and Reddy struggling to hide their prize-winning smiles
X, Daya, Reddy,X,X, Basha, X, Shekar, Subbu








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