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INDIA 2007   12th January - 27th FebruaryFor other India pics Click here

This is a very special year as my wife Elizabeth (Liz) came with me for ten days at the start of my visit. We started in Mahabalipuram and then on to Tirupati. After spending a week as a tourist with Liz I stayed for four weeks, teaching in Sri Venkateshwara University [SVU]. As usual I stayed in the SVU Guest House, 3km from town on the Bangalore road. I was the guest of Professor Sai Gopal, Head of the Virology Department. I gave a total of about 24 lectures and tutorials in the Virology Department and some lectures in the Biochemistry Department. I also visited Imran, Madhu and Gopi in Kadapa, Chittoor and nearby villages.
As Liz also had a small camera there are a lot of photos.

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Our journey Tirupati town Thumulagunta and Upurapalle villages
Mahabalipuram SVU Guest house and local area Students and University
Tirumula Gopi's villages Tirupati friends
Our journey                                                              TOP  
We were met by an old friend John Prabakhar. He helped us by-pass immigration direct into the VIP lounge where he was waiting with his recently-broken leg. He had arranged a police car to drive us direct to Mahabalipuram on the coast for a few days. He had first taken me there more than 20 years before.
Not a good start as our plane was delayed 3 hours. Liz starts her guidebook
Our transport arrives
John Prabakhar insisting on standing on his broken leg to welcome us
Our unmarked police car waiting to take us on to Tirupati
At the Trident Hilton on way home
Trident reception and dining area
Patient Liz waiting for our room
Our room

Tirupati town                                      TOP
Liz on steps of Sindhuri Park hotel opposite the temple tank
We were there during the festival where the god is taken on an evening ride around the temple tank
View from opposite side showing Sindhuri Park Hotel
The god passing by
It is not a festival without balloons
The musicians telling the stories of the gods [on a day when there was no festival]
Sadhu's bedroom by the temple
Trying to pick a bangle at a stall by temple
Trying to find a bangle after liz emptied a few into the road
Another bangle stall beneath the temple gateway [gopuram]
A requested photo which made me a friend for a few years to come
My solemn friend at his stall
Shopping Gogula shop in Gandhi road, run by Surya's friend
Christ Church
Approaching Balaji colony from' Christchurch road'
Prakasam road
Not sure where this is. The uniform looks like Sri Venkateshwara High School ['future' Barath's school]
Bike park
Selling the leaves used for making paan
Local tailor
Sorry i did not see the man at work behind the battered box
Perhaps a funeral procession?
Side street from Gandhi road
The orange painted, four faced money god, Hanuman at the start of Gandhi road
selling flowers in Gandhi road by the clock tower; the lady is calling her friends to join her in photo.
View from the railway bridge on the way to Surya's family in Venkata Reddy Colony
Trainee priests in the TTD Choudhary on way to VR colony in the Choudhary coach park
Painting a sign in the Choudhary coach park (for readers of Naryan)
In the small road from main road through gopuram to Govindaswamy temple
same road
Beneath the gopuram
Carved out of solid granite
Leaving the temple
One of the back routes to temple
A rare view of bazaar road by daylight
Shoe repairs
Better than computer games (what is it ???)
The corner clock at join of bazaar street and Gandhi road. We bought a new garage lock here
Bazaar street (also called garland road - by me)
Where the garlands come from with which I am annually decorated
Religious bling stall near temple
I don't know why steel pots are sold next to religious bling
Going home for the night
Phoning to check Liz is safely home









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