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Student friends and Sri Venkateshwara University
For other 2007 pictures Click here;     For all other India pictures Click here
I usually meet the boys in their hostels first and then they visit me in guest house. The girls (ladies) sometimes come to the guest house but I am not allowed in their hostels. This year Liz was able to visit them in their campus hostel so I am able to include more of them (taken with small less efficient camera). I owe a big thanks to them for looking after Liz with such affection.
I got to know some of these happy students very well during my five weeks
They always make me feel so welcome
Sreedar and Subbaiah (front centre) and Chaitanya at back right became good friends
At the end of visit. Cannot remember all names: x,x, Subchan (?), Sreedar, Chaitanya
Sreedar demanded this photo
Specia lSubbaiah
Subbaiah and Sudhakar
A very special trio: Sreedar, Hare Krishna and Chaitanya
Some of Liz's friends in their hostel. I think that her special 'helper' is Jyothi (front right)
A rare but very nice visit from the girls
Off they go; scene of many sad farewells
Murali, first met as my young thin 'tea boy' at guest house many years ago
Biochemistry students including my friend Sreekanth (on right)
Sreekanth who organised my biochemistry lecture Chandradekar; Runs Virology officce brilliantly and always happy
Two special helpful friends; Chandrasekar and Satheesh
The boys after my farewell function
My beautiful ladies
Waiting for my final lecture

Special guests at my farewell function. My host Prof Sai Gopal is on left

Tribute to teachers
Received with thanks. Student name please?
Ramani saying nice things about me Receiving my very own temple
At a lecture in honour of Prof. NV Naidu (in picture); founder of Virology who first invited me to India
It seems the lecture was on electron transport in methylotrophs
Presentation at end of lecture
I try not to look too embarassed (come on you deserve it)










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