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Thumulagunta    I gradually became the village photographer here. I came to know the village through a boy called Balaji and his friend Venkataramana. My visits usually started with a visit to his nice family. My first visit here was special this year as Liz was with me. I did not know the names of the boys until a few years later but I have added them here when I have been able to identify them. At the end are a few pictures of friends from nearby village of Upurapalle. The pictures are arranged with village ladies etc first and, because they tend to take over photo sessions, the village boys have a section to themselves.           
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Always a nice welcome; we have not even arrived in the village itself
Little sweet shop at the turn off toward village
And US
One more photo sir. Balaji with disciples
Balaji's older brother with his cow. Boy on right is Said
The cow demanded a photo sir
I recognise but cannot name any
With Balaji in his home. So good to have Liz to see my special Indian friends
We want to see
So do we
With Balaji and brother and, on left, is (I think) Venkat's father
Venkataramana's parents
The ladies lined up for Liz's camera; Balaji's mother is on right
Balaji's grandmother
Liz's favourites
Balaji's brother with wife
Two special ladies: Liz with Balaji's mum
With Venkat's mother and ??
Mother with her boys Bobby and Mounish. I don't know name of boy on left as I think he left village
Bobby and Mounish with sisters (?)
Favourite toys; babies and phones (still a novelty)
Liz's favourite in her special dress for the occasion Somehow Said has crashed in
Balaji's mother with (on left) Barath Kumar, a future star
A random selection of children in Balaji's home for photoe
I think this beautiful friendly happy girl is Balaji's sister. Name please. She remains special in future
Well-behaved Said and Barath with the girls.
Village boys                     TOP
Barath with kite. Back row is Pavan (Barath's brother) and Ratkumar (?)
Bobby and Mounish with sister (?) and friend (name?)
In front is Said with his special smart coat and Barath and?
Ratkumar trying to organise the boys' photo. Pavan is on his right
Pavan, centre with Ratkumar on his left. Such happy smiles
Pavan and Ratkumar with kite boy (sorry dont have your name)
Pavan, Said, Ratkumar and Barath
Barath and Said. They became my good friends over next few years (see 2013)
Nice view of village street
The usual precursor of a group photo (please take grouply sir)
Barath Kumar and Sad, future stars
Boy on left is ?? On right is Barath with younger brother
See you soon for next 5 years (at least)                                            TOP
Upurapalle friends                                                    TOP
Suresh doing the organising










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