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This includes sections on General Science and on My Research and Teaching

Science pages on my website

My Research. This leads to most material relevant to my work, inlcuding Univeristy sites and my publications. It also includes recent lectures and complete summaries of my research.
Science Education. This includes a section on school level material (key stage 3),and my Teaching and Research presentations on Microbial physiology, Bioenergetics, Methylotrophy etc.
Alternative Medicine, Nutritional Therapy
A history of methanotrophy
My microscope page
Sir Howard Dalton FRS. One of the great characters in microbiology in UK sadly died in January 2008. This section summarises his contributions to microbiology, his work in the University of Warwick and his work as Chief Science Adviser to Defra.
J. Rod Quayle FRS 'The Godfather of Methylotrophy'. A powerpoint presentation: My JR Quayle Memorial Lecture given to the 2006 Gordon Conference on Microbial Growth on C1 Compounds.
J.Rod Quayle FRS. Obituary written by me for The Biochemist
J. Rod Quayle FRS Biographical memoir
Protein structure using the programme PyMol. Introduction, instruction, examples, figures
PQQ Proposed role as a vitamin Errors in Wikipedia PQQ as nutritional supplement
*NEW  My Astronomy page

Links to Useful Science pages on the internet

Personal Websites Organisations, Museums etc Journals
David Colquhoun Science Museum National Geographic New Scientist
DC's Improbable Science Natural History Museum Discovery Channel Scientific American
John Shepherd Space Centre BBC Nature Nature
  The Royal Society Smithsonian Museum Mag. Nature-Struct & Mol Biol
Richard Dawkins Wellcome Trust Images of Life Biochemistry
Richard L.Gregory Gordon Research Conferences Wellcome History of Science FEMS
Ben Acre Bad Science Society for General Microbiology   Biochemical Journal
John Gribbin Astrononmer The Biochemical Society   Access by Pub Med
      BioMed Central
Resources Fun Research Institutes
Wiki Microbiology site. Excellent useful site with good search section.    
Methanotroph Commons    
Web of Science. You have to copy and paste in the address: http://wok.mimas.ac.uk
Tyndall Centre Ig Nobel Prize The John Innes Centre
Crop Biotechnology Skeptics dictionary Rothampstead
University of Illinois How Stuff Works  
Photosynthesis Carousel science  
Nobel Prize Newsbiscuit  
My Research page Explore-at-Bristol  
Science Photo Library Bristol Exploratory [optical illusions]  
UCL History of medicine The Darwin Awards [not for the squeamish]  
Bio-images; virtual field guide    
Galaxy pictures  

Recent Specials  
Nobel Prize [2008] in Chemistry for Green fluorescent Protein
Interview with David Colquhoun Lecture on our queer universe by Dawkins
HOW TO GET GOOD SCIENCE Bad Science [Ben Acres great site]
Periodic Table  
How Stuff works Explain that stuff How mirrors work
Large Hadron Collider [basic science] Ultimate biochemical pathways map
Large Hadron collider [Indroduction]  


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