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  This page is of favourite pictures of Tirupati at rest. Some of these are sleepy happy personal memories.
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  2002     Me, exhausted by a morning with my extreme enthusiastic chatty friend Imran, in Chittoor Imran exhausted by his constant enthusiastic chattering - back home in Tirupati
  2002    Surya, exhausted from getting me safely to Mahabalipuram 2003     Sleeping pilgrims at the Sri Venkateswara temple at Tirumula
TOP 2005     Madhu at SVU guest house after long bike ride from Chittoor 2005    A wandering sadhu sleeping on the pavement by the guest house
  2006    One of the few cool resting places at temple in Tirumula 2007    Liz so bravely adapting to our 'campsite' in SVU guest house
TOP 2007    Sleeping pilgrim in the middle of huge empty courtyard of the Tirumula temple 2008    My always helpful auto driver told me I had just woken him. (4 rupees extra)
2008  Pilgrims relieved to arrive at the Choultries (pilgrim accomodation) beyond the bus station I think he lived in this cool corner of the bridge from station to the Govindaraja choultries
  A Sadhu resting against the typical re/white striped temple wass Settling down for the night. Near the Govindaraja Swamy temple
  2009 Mahabalipuram.   Tired from failing to sell coconuts. My friend from temple bazaar showing me where these old men slept.
TOP 2009   I think he was not sleeping - on guard duty 2010   The nearest that Moin ever got to resting (reading molecular biology)
  2012   Always waiting (over many years)at the small lake near the path to NCC Nagar on my morning and evening walk. She asked for this photo. Waiting for the train.
  2013    Philosophers taking a break  
  2014   Cowgirl taking a rest Apparently she was telling me this is her grandad resting from work
  2014    Madhu resting on a friendly statue in Thumulagunat park. 2015   Bobby resting at the park