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  These are collections of photos that are already on my main India Pictures pages, arranged partly to show changes over the years 1982 - 2015. It is also an excercise in nostalgia for me,
I first went there in 1982 to the Botany Department in Sri Venkateswara University SVU) to teach a microbial physiology course. I returned for many visits , mainly to the virology, microbiology and biochemistry departments. I always stayed in the SVU guest house.
  This page is Railway pictures. The line from Tirupati towards Chittoor and Bangalore ran close behind the guest house and crossed the road at a level crossing just up the road from the guest house. One of my first 'visions of India' was the slow evening train going by with relaxed passengers standing on the roof chatting. The fast trains set off from Tirupati station with a prolonged wail and then shook my room as they blasted past - usually in the morning. Early on the trains were steam but later diesels.
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1993 TOP  
  Roaring up to the level crossing  
..................... On my walk near the Agriculture college  
2000 TOP  
  The slow train with roof passengers. Passing through a favourite walk place where I saw different types of cuckoo
2008 TOP
  The track just behind guest house. I walked home through here through bushes on the right. View from bridge from station to the Choudharies.You can see the Govindaswamy temple. The characteristic shape of the hills provided the main direction guide from anywhere in or near Tirupati
  In Tirupati station Passengers looking at the information screen
2010 TOP
  By guest house at the start of a wlk into town along the peaceful rail track Nearly there
  Towards end of favourite walk
2012 TOP
  Precarious but cooler than inside Should get across in time
  Tirupathi West. Between guest house and Tirupati Main station Christ Church view from railway
2013 TOP
  Always good to reach this point - nearly there From the track: the cricket ground during Book fair week
  Christ Church. It looks the same as our Christ Church in Southampton Just outside station
  The main station at Tirupati Inside the station
2015 TOP  
TOP Nervously checking to see if they have my reservation. It came under P for Professor Chris Floors are always perfectly clean. They have pictures of staff posted in case help is needed.