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INDIA: Tirupati 1984

Back to India: My Early Pictures

I have visited Tirupati 18 times to teach in Sri Venkateshwara University, in the Departments of Botany, Virology/Microbiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology. I stay at the SVU guesthouse on the road from Tirupati to Bangalore.
    My visits start and end in Madras/Chennai, sometimes including a visit to the small coastal town of Mahabalipuram.
    In 1984 I visited local places, including the village of thumulagunta, nearby Kapilatheertham and Chandragiri. I also went further to the places listed below:
India 1984: Madras, Mahabalipuram,                        Madurai,  Bangalore and Mysore
Tirupati 1984:
    Maps of Tirupati
    SV University
    Tirupati town


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SRI VENKATESWARA UNIVERSITY                                                   TOP of Page
View from the SVU Guest house window
The road past the guest house with just enough room for 2 bullock carts to pass
The staff [on the roof] at the SVU Guest house
SVU campus. Senate house has the tall tower on the left
Senate clock tower
View from Biochemistry Dept. The Virology Dept now blocks the view. Prof. Venkaiah is on right.
Tree planting in SVU campus
My welcome to farewell function after lectures in biochemistry Dept. on protonmotive force
MSc students
MSc students                                                        TOPtirupati                         TOP of Page  
TIRUPATI TOWN                               TOPtirupati                         TOP of Page  
Govindaswamy Temple, Tirupati "One photo only sir"
Gandhi Road
A small procession
A street in Tirupati near the Lions Club
The Koneru Tank near Sindhuri Park Hotel [yet to be built]
The game of Kabbadi
Nandi the Bull near the Kapilatheertham temple

 TOP Tirupati

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The village of Thumulagunta                                                           TOP Tirupati
This small village is South of the SVU guest house, reached [in 1984] by walking through the Dairy farm.  

Their smiles came only after I put up my hands in surrender; on edge of dairy farm
Welcome to our village
On edge of the village
I regret now that I rejected their offer of a ride
The village pump.
On way home
Planting paddy
Only the dirty Christians eat these sir.
View of the village from the South
View from the village to the East
View of the village and the seven hills from South. The road to the Tirumula temple can be seen
The road going South from the village. The 'footpath' up the 15km to Tirumula can be seen.
Top of Thumulagunta
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Kapilatheertham (waterfall) temple. The waterfall cascades into the tank which is used for ritual bathing before darshan in the sanctuary, and also as the local swimming pool by the boys.    Top of Page
Arriving at the temple at sunset with Nandi guarding the roundabout
The temple tank. The boys jump off the roof on the left or from high up on rock by the waterfall.
Jumping from high above the tank. A brave jumper
Another brave jumper
At the sight of the camera the jumpers organised a photoshoot
The sanctuary of the temple is behind the white pillars The gopuram near the entrance of the temple
Top of Kapilatheertham          TOP of Page
Chandragiri  This a village 16km West of Tirupati on Chittoor road.   Chandragiri is famous for the historical fort, built in the 11th century, and the ruins of the Raja Mahal (Palace) within it. Chandragiri was under the rule of for about three centuries and came into control ofrulers in 1367. There is small peaceful temple nearby. Prof. Naidu took us on a visit there.                                                                                                                                     Top of page
The temple
The temple tank with Prof. Naidu [center] and Sai Gopal on the right [now Professor and Head of Department.
The temple The palace
View from the Palace
The Palace with Prof. Naidu, his family and Sai Gopal
Top of Chandragiri      TOP of Page 



Maps of Tirupati Top of Maps                       TOP of Page
This shows Tirupati at the base of the 7 hills with the road up to the temple town of Tirumula.
The guest house is near where road crosses rail. The village of Thumulagunta is at bottom of map in middle
The 'waterfall temple' of Kapilatheertham is at top  

Top of Maps  

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