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My visit was similar to the last few years. I was met in Chennai by my very good friend Moin; we went to a nearby Trident Hilton hotel and then, the next day, by car to Tirupati, near the temple hill town of Tirumula, where I stayed for five weeks, teaching in Sri Venkateshwara University [SVU].

As usual I stayed in the SVU Guest House, 3km from town on the Bangalore road. I was the guest of Professor Sai Gopal and Dr Hema, Head of the Virology Department. I gave a total of about 24 lectures and tutorials in the Virology Department, to 1st year Virology and Microbiology students and 8 lectures iin the Biochemistry Department (Head of Department Dr O.V.S.Reddy).

The University provided accomodation and subsistence, and most other expenses for the visit were provided by a grant from the International Development Fund from the Society for General Microbiology. The Society aims to assist microbiologists in countries with economies defined by the World Bank as low-income or lower-middle-income. They had also funded me in 2013.


My camera is a Canon Power Shot SX50IS (50x zoom.)

SV University
The statue of Ambedkar, the writier of the Indian Constitution, at the entrance to Sri Venkateswara University. Motorbikes have become unavoidable in most pictures
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  MAP  Guesthouse and local walks Tirupati town Tirupati friends  Thumulagunta Birds

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tirupati map
TOP Guest house and local walks    There are more pictures of the guest house etc in 2014 pictures
  Guesthouse and the Tirupati / Thummalagunta/ Bangalore road Local walks on residential campus towards the hills
No place for this picture Preparing for Tirupati in Southampton




Entrance to SVU

SVU guesthouse

Sury, a kind member of SVU guesthouse staff


Sunset on the guest house road looking towards the town
Fruit stall on road from guesthouse to Thummalagunta
Setting up shoe shop near guesthouse. The bus is coming out of the road to Thummalagunta

Temple at the Thummalagunta turning




A popular colour in Tirupati this year
My local supermarket; Pure N Sure pure and sure super market tirupati

My friends serving in the supermarket


The owner and assistant (son?) in Pure N Sure






Typical Breakfast of Wada (no Idlis today) Note beaker of tea, very hot spicy 'soup', coconut chutney on banana leaves and Clive James's wonderful Cultural Amnesia
Lunch on a specially good day (provided by Sury)
The smile that greets me at the start of every morning walk
My friendly fruit man

The basket weavers who lived on the pavement near the guest house



My iron men
Beggar boys working the queue at the rail crossing
No comment
Shopping - on the North bypass road
Some of my auto driver friends at a University gate
Determined to keep the daughters safe
The end of the road from guest house; Balaji colony with my always laughing friend Mahaesh
Morning local walks opposite the guesthouse towards the hills
Everywhere walls are being built, restricting my wanderings. This is at entrance to road out to Agriculture andVet colleges
The new wall on border of the horse area
They pushed the boy in the pushchair backwards down the hill to get the kite launched, catching him at the bottom. Always so happy to push their friend to come and say hello
Paths through the extensive University residentia lcampus leading North towards the hills. Note inevitable rubbish and burning leaves - The smell of Tirupati in the morning
A favourite walk north of the campus towards the hills
Teeth cleaning on Sunday morning
Home under the water tower
My poor friends
My friend Shunmugan, my nearest neighbour for many years
Some other happy neighbours
The ubiquitous chickens can get wild
We prefer to discuss out differences