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Tirupati train station tirupati train station
Looking for seats going home after donating hair to Sri Venkateswara in Tirumula
Bus stop near cricket ground in Balaji colony. The boys are from Bharath's previous school, or from Surya's school (TTD High School which is near this picture)
Ghandi Road
Small Hanuman temple at junction of ghandi Rd, Nethaji Rd and Prakasam Road
My favourite building, In Ghandi Rd at corner with 'garland' Rd.
Peaceful above Ghandi Road
Ghandi Road
She could only find the place next to the open drain
From Tilak road down to the Govindaswamy temple


Sindhuri Park hotel where I ate in the 'Strictly Veg' restaurant each night.
Poor picture of my friendly waiters in the hotel
The temple tank opposite the hotel
The god on the floating platform in the temple tank
Official beggar in temple area
Seller of candy floss to pilgrims
Images of Sri Venkateswara in temple area
Bangle seller
Pots and pans
Flower seller in Ghandi Road
Prise Him indeed