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  I have been friends with this village for many years since young Balaji invited me to his house. Now the very small children I first photographed have grown into young teenagers and have become affectionate friends who come to visit me at the guest house. My chief friend threre is Bharath Kumar (also called Balu) who took many of the pictures. I have divided the pictures into Mallepalle itself, the Park, my friends in Mallepalle, my Mallepalle friends at the guest house etc. The large numbers of pictures is provided for the 'benefit' of these friends.
  Map Mallepalle village Thumulagunta park Mallepalle portraits (at the guest house Friends in the village
  Map showing way to 'my village' (Mallepalle) and the Park
TOP Mallepalle village
The small temple at the entrance  to the village with the menacing blocks of flats approaching from the West, the direction of the main village of Thummalagunta
View from path from west end of the village looking towards the hills, showing more blocks of flats and in the foreground what used to be the chicken sheds on the little track towards the main part of Thummalagunta
The same view. The chicken sheds are now occupied by builders' families. this used to be paddy fields. Sad.
Bharath at his uncle's house where he usually lives. Always my first stop at the village.
View towards the hills from Bharath's house.

Communal water supply on East side of village. I wish there was a better way of rubbish disposal.


Washing up. One of the triumphs of modern India - Stainless steel.


Milkmaids taking milk the cow has made

TOP My friends in the village   There are more pictures of them in the park and at the guesthouse
With Balaji, my first friend in Thummalagunta

Wife and son (Adithya)              

Bharath's mother and sisters

Me with aunt and sister

With Uncle with whom Bharath lives and where i usually visit

The pictures below are in the house

Sister (aunt?)
Note picture of me and Balu on second shelf down

Looking at video of Hugh and me playing duets.

Cousin (? and Harsha), Balachandra, Bobby, Balu, ? and Jogesh

Sharing picture with ?

Honey Shree, growing up too fast
Mounish with baby friend

Bobby force-feeding baby on its 1st birthday
Mounish and Said

Me with Balu's cat

Balu's kind uncle

Baby girls
Negotiating price of my auto home; Manoj, Balu and Said

Safely back at guesthouse with my driver and his daughters who entertained me on way home

Showing off her new dress


Bobby insisted that i try it on

SICO College Bharath's college in Tirupati