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  My visit was similar to the last few years. I was met in Chennai by my very good friend Moin; we went to a nearby Trident Hilton hotel and then, the next day, by car to Tirupati, near the temple hill town of Tirumula, where I stayed for five weeks, teaching in Sri Venkateshwara University [SVU]. As usual I stayed in the SVU Guest House, 3km from town on the Bangalore road. I was the guest of Professor Sai Gopal, Head of the Virology Department. I gave a total of about 16 lectures and tutorials in the Virology Department and 6 lectures iin the Biochemistry Department. I gave fewer lectures than previously because of the Telangana dispute. The Andhra Pradesh government was planning to divide the the state into Telangana and the 'rest'. There was strong opposition leading to extensive strikes for 7 weeks at end of last year and this had closed the University, State schools etc. The syllabus was therefore very delayed and exams had not been completed for 1st semester. There were also strikes while I was there, with some cancelled lectures. The University provided accomodation and subsistence, and all most other expenses for the visit were provided by a Visiting Fellowship from the Biochemical Society
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should be 500m













tirupati map
TOP Guest house and local walks





SVU guesthouse

SVU guesthouse staff


The bulls stop for breakfast opposite guesthouse
The first sign of summer
from the local brick kiln
New pipes going all around SVU quarters
Local neighbours calling out 'Smile' to the ditch diggers
My nearest shrine, opposite guesthouse

Old couple who live under the NCC water tower; we greet each other every morning


The last house in the forest near NCC
Getting breakfast
My walk to NCC Nagar. Opposite home of Lokesh and where I daily saw Paradise flycatcher and Forest Wagtail
The Iron men
Goats on my morning walk
the nearly derelict Pig research place. One of my favourite bird sites being wrecked by removing all the lower bushes

House of Lokesh with some of their cows



Tank guarding the Northern gate of NCC Nagar
Some neighbours
Making breakfast at the stall opposite guesthouse
The guesthouse gecko