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Tirupati (Rural)   India 2013              
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The guest house is about 2.5km from the centre of Tirupati. It is on the edge of the town and near the edge of the campus. Opposite the Guest house are small roads leading into the campus or up to NCC Nagar and then out towards the forest.
       If the road is taken West towards Chittoor / Bangalore, past the railway level crossing there is the entrance to the large dairy farm run by and for the TTD (Tirupat, Tirumula Devsthanams), the temple administrators. It is very peaceful and good for birds. Just past the dairy farm is the road to the left that leads to Thumulagunta. After Thumulagunta a right turn goes past Upurapalli to Upurapalli Checkpoint on the bypass road. On the far side there is then a small track that continues South into the sort of rural area typical of the surroundings of the guest house 30 years ago when i first went there.

Map  Local area       The Dairy farm Rural area

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TOP      Local walks
The start of most morning walks up toward NCC Nagar.

She was painted for the Pongal festival

The only waste paper disposal system in operation
I was warned about the tiger on the campus at night but it was really a leopard; this on is in Z00
Lokesh at his house where i was provided with coffee
Younger brother of Lokesh
Waiting to meet the children on the school bus by the pond near NCC Nagar
Out towards the forest. The soil is used for making bricks. The bee-eaters nest here in the banks
Coming to collect the soil and to drive away the paradise flycatcher
Some of my neighbours
This poor family have lived here for many years (see previous years' pictures)
On the edge of the horse excercise ground where the hoopoes are often seen. Name of tree please?
Near the almost derelict Pig Research building; the start of my best bird places
The local Banyan tree provides good support for washing lines
The local temple at the start of the Thumulagunta Road

The Dairy Farm                                                                     TOP
Ceremonial horses that live at the farm
Both were smiling before they saw the camera
Ceremonial oxen on the peaceful road into the farm; you can see the small temple at the end of road
The dairy farm temple
This is where the temple elephants live. He has just had his load removed
Water trailer
The cattle egrets on a pile of elephant manure [Elephant egrets?]
Most of this is harvested to feed the elephants

This old lady always gave me a friendly smile until she saw the camera

Not sure if this is coming or going
Off to work in the morning but still time to stop and pose

Rural Tirupati                                                                 TOP
These pictures are taken South of Thumulagunta and the bypass road beyong Uparapalli. This is what the whole area around Thumulagunta was like before the spread of big new houses and 4 lane roads.
Rice and a view of the hills to the North with my landmark for getting me home
Looking East
Cows (in case the town boys do not know)
I was offered a ride home on this but would have had to sit with all the other crap
My landmark telling the way home
Wonderful and the only horns belong to cows
Evening has arrived so i have to hurry to get home before I am lost in the dark
Of course I wil be coming back








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