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Tirupati town   India 2013              
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The guest house is about 2.5km from the centre of Tirupati. In the evenings I usually went to the Sindhuri Park hotel for dinner [Strictly Veg], near top right of map below. I often had to walk the first km to get an auto ride into town. The town starts at Balaji colony, down Prakasam Road, past Town Club to junction with Nethaji Road into Gandhi Road. Turning right at end leads to the Sri Govindaswamy temple area, the station and the nearby Sindhuri Park hotel (there is not park) and the temple tank.

Map Tirupati town          Rail walk to Tirupati Link to Rural Tirupati page

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TOP      Tirupati town
The rail crossing near the Guest house

At the traffic lights near the town club

Close up of the area

Small Hanuman temple at the start of Gandhi Road
Close up of Hanuman
Joining of 'garland road' and Gandhi road; the nicest building in Tirupati
Top of the small gopuram of Sri Govindaswamy temple in the town centre; in the setting sun
The small gopuram from the inner courtyard
The inner courtyard
The elephants near the inner courtyard; the baby elephant is in training
The main gopuram looking East
Main gopuram looking West
Cheap images of Sri Venkateshwara
Make up your own caption
Holy Cow!
Entrance to Barath's school
The beggarly scholars at the gate
Preparing for their 5.0 O'Clock study hour
Barath with Head Teacher
With friends outside the school
In a welcoming village on the way home                                                          TOP
TOP    Railwalk from Guest house to Tirupati
If you don't mind the garbage on side of the track or the pigs or the frightening trains this is a good
alternative route to the town
Another level crossing just before Tirupati West station
Christ Church seen from the railway embankment
The cricket ground near Balaji Colony showing it taken over by a book fair; view from embankment
Approaching Tirupati main station. Sri Govindaswamy temple in background
Approaching the station
One of government posters on station
Inside the station









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