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Presentations of some of my Teaching and Research Topics
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There are two sets of material here:
a) The slides taken from my powerpoint presentations as a guest of Prof. Colin Murrel at the University of East Anglia They include many pictures of relevant scientists. This can be downloaded as Powerpoint presentations.
b) Lecture notes and slides for use of students on my Microbial Physiology course in SV University, India
. This material can be downloaded as a Word document or as a powerpoint presentation.
The Methylotrophs and their investigators          PPT History of Methanotrophy
Oxidation of methane methanol & formaldehyde PPT The oxidation of methylated amines     PPT
The cytochromes and electron transport in methylotrophs      PPT Growth yields of methylotrophs            PPT
Carbon assimilation pathways                          PPT Completion of Serine cycle                   PPT
                 Link to: Teaching page on Microbial Physiology (SV University, India)
Oxidation methane, methanol and formaldehyde      PPT  Top of Summaries
                                                                                           Return to Methanotroph History      

Movie of MDH Made by Stuart Findlow, University of Southampton, form the X-ray diffraction coordinates of MDH. If you cannot see movie when you click on arrrow then Go to YouTube clip

There is a separate set of slides for the special cytochromes of methylotrophs
Top of Oxidation
Top of Summaries      Return to History
The oxidation of methylated amines in methylotrophs          PPT      Top of Summaries
Top of oxidation of methylated amines
Top of summaries
The unusual cytochromes and electron transport in methylotrophs       PPT    Return to History  Top of summaries                      
Top of cytochromes
Top of summaries
The Methylotrophs     PPT                 Top of summaries               Return to History

Top of Methylotrophs
Top of Summaries

Growth yields of Methylotrophs             PPT             Top of Summaries        
Top of Growth yields
Top of Summaries
Carbon assimilation pathways         PPT          Top of Summaries       Return to History

Top of carbon assimilation                   
Top of summaries

For completion of the Serine cycle go to Serine Cycle completion
Completion of the Serine /Ethylmalonyl-CoA Cycle      PPT           Top of summaries             

Two other cycles for acetate assimilaion

Top of Serine/EMC cycle
Top of summaries










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