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My Walks Around Rural Tirupati   India 2010    See also Dairy Farm  
Return to the main 2010 pictures page        For other India pics Click here
These pictures were taken on my morning and evening walks around the area of the guesthouse.
The Seven hills at sunset; my favourite area
The nearby level crossing
The opposition
Off to market
They assured me that there is enough room for me
A 'Shared Auto' takes nine passengers as far as the police station; after that up to 12 are taken
General transport role
Who needs an auto
The main road leading to SV University and Tirupati
The other side of the road has been taken over as a garden centre, selling potted plants
Opposite the guest house. the bricks are made locally, almost direct out of the red earth
The new Dairy Technology Centre; the road was finished for official opening 2 days later
The workers come in families who live in rough 'tents' of banana leaves nearby
Please dont throw me away with the rubbish
Approaching Tirupati station
Soon be there
I assume a cobra took up residence in the small ants nest - the usual start of small shrines
They live in a rough tent by the building site by this road to the Agricultural University
My neighbours
A worker on the site

Half hidden on the edge of the 'forest' on my most regular morning walk

Waiting for the school bus at NCC Nagar; granny is on guard
Carrying paint to a building site; always running
Boy soldier cadets at the NCC camp at NCC Nagar
Three friends who regularly escorted me through the camp during my morning walk
My evening walk; note the kingfisher on the cable
My goatherd friend
The goats meet up with the rest of the family collecting branches from Neem tree for medicine
Granny insisted on this picture
Waiting for the buffalo milk near the village of Purapalle
Old friends at Purapalle
The edge of Purapalle. Two years ago the road was a rough track
Carrying more road-building materials
The beautiful growing paddy
Near the furthest village beyond the bypass
My favourite bourgenvillea
Near the end of my morning walk
My friendly buffalo
Home tree











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