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Thumulagunta village   India 2013              
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Thumulagunta is a village South of the University. When i first knew it there was a small track leading to it from near the dairy farm. There is now a dual carriage way that goes past the village which now has mainly 'pukka' houses and concrete small roads. My main special friends there are Balaji and his family who I have known for about 15 years, Suman, and in the last few years Barath Kumar who has become a loyal friend, guarding my binoculars and always making me feel welcome. This year he also took over a lot of photography with the help also of Mounish. The part of the village I go to is a poorer part, separated from the main part by a track throught the fields. This part of the village is also called Mallipalli or Harijanawada. The main part appears more wealthy and even has a big temple. Sadly [for me] the land around the village is being used to build big rich houses. On the South of Thumulagunta is a very large open area where there is probably a river which only appears in the monsoon. Between that area and the villages is a high raised part with a cobbled walkway on the top decorated with flowering shrubs and bits of sculpture. This is called the park and i was taken on an expedition there by by young village friends. 

Barath my assistant photographer on the roof of his house

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Map The village Thumulagunta park Village friends
    More pictures of village friends, at the guest house

Map of Tirupati showing the position of Thumulagunta                                                    TOP

Thumulagunta Village                                                                                                                  TOP
The small temple at the entrance to the village from the main road
The main temple, at the West end of village. The path to the main village is on the right
Temple with worshippers
I am praying for you sir
Krishna on top of temple
A rice offering from the temple
Another offering from (name?)
A typical village road; view from temple
Barath's home
Front of Barath's home
Barath's Grandfather at home entrance
Barath's mother and aunt (?) in 'veranda' of home
My assistant photographer doing his work
Madhu (?), ??, Barath and Manoj (brother of Honey Shree)
Washing up
Rare man doing his washing
The more usual sight: ladies washing, men playing cards
Decorating Barath's sister's baby
The decorated bay
Some of my lady friends
More typical sight: ladies washing, men playing cards
Some of my favourite ladies
Mounish with babies and ladies
Mounish explaing photography with my goat friends in the background

Village friends                                                      TOP
The open ground to East of village where they play cricket. Barath starting his photographic careeer
Barath with father and younger brother, Ganesh.
Two of my best friends; Barath and Mounish. Note fight in background
Mounish with young brother, Bobby. Fight is nearly finished.
Most cheeky boy in village; Pradhvi.
Extracting Pradhvi's name; with Pavan and Manoj
"He wants our photo; he is such a nice young man"
Some of my family
More of my family with the boys trying to take possesion (Manoj, Jogesh and Balachandran)
Barath my special assistant photographer
With Balaji, my first friend in Thumulagunta, in his courtyard
Mounish as filmstar on steps of Balaji's parents' house
Bobby, Mounish's younger brother
Bobby on the way home from school
Bobby's school friends
Said on Republic Day (26th January)
Friend of Barath (?). His father broke his arm next day and i did not see him again.
My most special girl friend Honey Shree
Very sweet friends (sorry, hope to add names later)
At end of car tyre race
My old friend Suman, now a politics/economics student
Goodbye to Barath and Mounish
Sad farewell from Said, Balachandran and Barath

Thumulagunta Park                                                              TOP
"Take photo grouply sir"
View of the hills from the park
Honey Shree
Sorting out disputes about binoculars and small camera
Badri with his girlfriends
Badri with Said
Badri with out-of-water dolphin
Barath having the last word as usual








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