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Tirupati town   India 2012              
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The guest house is about 2.5km from the centre of Tirupati. In the evenings I usually went to the Sindhuri Park hotel for dinner [Strictly Veg], near top right of map below. I often had to walk the first km to get an auto ride into town. The town starts at Balaji colony, down Prakasam Road, past Town Club to junction with Nethaji Road into Gandhi Road. Turning right at end leads to the Sri Govindaswamy temple area, the station and the nearby Sindhuri Park hotel (there is not park) and the temple tank.

Map Tirupati by day          Tirupati by night          Great dancing          Temple         
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TOP      Tirupati by day
Near entrance to the cricket ground near Balaji Colony; the quietest place in Tirupati

The cricket ground. I counted at least 12 games being played at same time.

View of Tirupati from cricket ground
some cricketer friends
Fruit stall outside the cricket ground
Town club on right
The traffic lights at start of Prakasam road. Turn left at the Gold statue to go to Kapilatheertham, Sai Gopal and Charlies
The gopuram of Sri Govindaswamy temple
On road to Tirupati; passenger view is restricted only
You do it cheaper. The motorbike is one I went to lectures on daily
I have to have one picture of bus
Gas delivery; viewed from guesthouse roof
Royal Enfield Lives!
TOP    Tirupati by night

First part of my walk down to town

Junction of Prakasam Rd, Gandhi Rd and Nethaji Road
Same junction showing 4 faced god
Same junction
Party clothes for little girls in Gandhi Rd
Garland maker in 'garland road' [Sarojini Devi Road]
Stall on corner of 'garland road'
View from bridge in Tirupati Station [Govindaswamy temple is on right]
Ticket hall in the station
TOP       Dancing in the auditorium
The SVU auditorium packed for music and dance youth festival
Prashanth English Medium High School, G.M.Street, Tata Nagar
End of the dance









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