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Local walks    India 2012              
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My main regular walk was up through SVU campus past NCC Nagar between the guesthouse and the distant hills. Many of my bird photos were taken there. I got to know some of the families who lived on the small road on the University campus that led to NCC Nagar. Other walks were in the Temple Dairy farm up past the rail crossing, or to the village of Thumulagunta, or out towards the hills in the other direction beyond the village of Upparapalli and Upparapalli checkpost on the bypass road.
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NCC Nagar and beyond Beyond the rail crossing Beyond Upparapalli Walking the line
NCC Nagar and Beyond. Walking through the neighbouring SVU campus, past NCC Nagar to the forest TOP
New place of worship, previously a termite mound occupied by a cobra. At start of NCC Nagar walk

Flame of the forest (?) at the start of my evening walk

The first place on my walk is the iron man
Shennugan, my cricketing near neighbour
Shennugan with friends
Boy on right became a regular friend; father works at University
Great cricketers
Lokesh at his family home; a regular coffee stop
Lokesh's grandfather burning the rubbish pile outside the house
A shrine outside Lokesh's house
The Chilli sellers
They stopped the bus for "one photo sir"
Grannie waiting for the school bus children next to NCC Nagar and the green lake
Grannie. We achieved the intimacy of a morning or evening Namaste but never achieved a smile
Green lake near NCC Nagar
Three very old people live in this tiny shelter under the water tank
My path out to the country passes this wall of the NCC Nagar compound where they throw all rubbish
The morning light on the hills
Evening sun lighting my way home
One of my friends in the forest
The only cloud I saw in five weeks on the hills

Up the road passed the rail crossing to Dairy farm etc     TOP
Pictures of my walks up past rail crossing to Thumulagunta Road and
L.S. Nagar by the Chamundeshwan temple

Mending the level crossing. This closed the road for a glorious silent week
My friend the crossing keeper. Occasionally provided tea when he was bored.
Fruit and veg by the Dairy farm entrance
Well dressed oxen at entrance to dairy farm
The road to the left goes to Thumulagunta
The Chamundeshwan temple on the corner of Thumulagunta Road
More fruit and veg by the temple
The backside [as they say] of the temple. He seems to be offering his wife a potato
but she is not so impressed
The ironing man in L.S. Nagar
House in L.S. Nagar. Note the tooth advert on every other tree in the region

Walks out towards the hills beyond Upparapalli Checkpoint     TOP
The usual mix of cricket and goats
She nearly dropped it all when I said Namaste - I got a one handed gesture - polite as always
These have become much more rare in Tirupati itself
Beautiful evening walk in real countryside
He works only at weekends as he is now studying for MBA in SVU
"Sun will soon be setting sir"
Cattle egrets doing what comes naturally
My usual favourite bee-eater
Making a kite
Walk along the rail track behind the guest house into Tirupati   TOP
I prefer to walk
The other level crossing before Tirupat West station
Tirupati West
View of Sri Govindaswamy temple gopuram on way into Tirupati Junction
Steeple of Christchurch from rail line
I was helped down off the rail embankment by this cauliflower seller on a previous walk
The Temple elephants on their way home
The school bus stopped again for me to take photo of conductor








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