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My Walks Around Rural Tirupati   India 2011      
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These pictures were taken on my morning and evening walks around the area of the guesthouse.
The Seven hills at sunset; the path at the top by NCC Nagar, my favourite area
Granny waiting for the school bus
This tractor carries the red clay earth to building sites
The school bus and my friendly tractor
Off to school
They assured me that there is enough room for me
House of my friend Lokesh. The calves are about a week old.
Lokesh's brother and friend waiting for school bus.
Lokesh's grandfather going to order my evening coffee
Lokesh, Meenakshi the cow and her calf
Lokesh's aunts making marigold and jasmine hair decorations while i drink my coffee
A neighbour decorating the road, with old man rubbish collector
The chickens make use of the roadside rubbish
Discarded gods
One of my squirrel friends
Waiting for the school bus at NCC Nagar
One of my neighbours
The guards at the gate of the big NCC camp
NCC cadets
Always the red hills of Tirumula in the background of my walks
The gate to my walks and the Agriculture College. The tree is very fast growing and is used for shade on roads and for source of firewood
Republic day [hence the flag] on my walk through dairy farm towards Thumulagunta
The temple elephants at dairy farm
Collecting elephant fodder
New houses encroaching further on my road to Thumulagunta
New house in the 'richer' part of Thumulagunta
The man on the balcony tried to sell me the house
On the road next to my path to Thumulagunta; the new flats were built on 'my' paddy fields
Boys irritating the dairy farm camels
Camel irritating boys
Making a decoration
She asked for 'one photo' then panicked
My favourite part of the forest











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