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India Pictures 2008

15th January - 20th February

I was met by Gopi at Chennai to go for two days in Mahabalipuram (Mammalapuram). Then to Tirupati to teach in Sri Venkateshwara University Virology Department (Head, Prof. Sai gopal). On return journey I went to Mahabalipuram again, with Madhu.

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Tirupati town Mahabalipuram Thumulagunta village Tirupati friends
Around my guesthouse Vidyaniketan College Upurapalle village Student friends

Tirupati town
Courtyard of Sri Govindasway temple in town centre. In dayligth (rare for me)
Gopuram from Tilak road end
Gopuram from the temple end
Beneath the gopuram looking toward temple courtyard
Shaven pilgrims, having offered their hair to Sri Venkateshwara at Tirumula
Exhausted Sadu enjoying temple facilities
Beggar's beds by the temple
The tiny temple to ???? at beginning of Gandhi Road and Nethaji road corner
I like the mix of devotion and electricity company here
One of my favourite streets, Bazaar street
Garland making
Stall n Bazaar street selling items for temple worship
More garlands; I find them irresistable
My quiet street is now being taken over by noisy bikes
Through rail station on way to Surya's family home in Venkata Reddy Colony near DR Mahal
View from the stairs
Tirupat rail staion; view from the bridge with Sri Govindaswamy temple in distance
The bridge doubles as a dormitory
In the carpark of the Choudhary that provides free accomodation for pilgrims on way to Tirumula
DR Mahal near Surya's
I was summoned to take this photo by the mum
Surya's corner shop with communal water tap
Surya's mum looking out for me
I wish i had taken photo after i gave these children a few rupees; their smiles lit up Tirupati

Around the Guesthouse Taken on daily walks there                                           TOP
The level crossing on the way toward dairy farm and road to Thumulagunta and the country
My local tailor
Gopi on the peaceful road to the dairy farm - run by TTD (Tirupati tirumula Devasthanam)
The temple elephants going by the guesthouse on way to the dairy farm, he trainee youngster in front
That wasn't too bad was it. Now eat your greens
Another trip; returning home to dairy farm
Pilgrims come to see the elephants
The temple as the start of the Thumulagunta road
Detail of my favourite temple
A smallish local train running on the track immediatly behind my guesthouse
To save India by education is an uphill strugule
A furniture-selling camp set up down road from guest house. The boy in front demanded family photos
The whole extended family lives here
I suppose to some extent they live in comfort. Note dinner cooking on fire behind them
Modern Tinker
Family outing
Carrying bricks mad locally from the red Tirupati soil
At the NCC ground opposite guesthouse with the stables and horse riding training area
One of many beautiful horses here
One of the stable boys; he is MY horse sir, he is called Everest
On the way from Thumulagunta to town
Conference by the guesthouse
My frequent auto driver for trips to Thumulagunta and to the zoo park
Yes Madhu, they are all strictly non-veg
An acquaintance from last year at the cricket ground showing off that he had grown
Working past sunset at the Agric university site
Silver lining encouraging me while preparing difficult lectures on guesthouse roof







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