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Tirupati 2003

Most of my time was spent here. I first came in 1982 so this is more than 20 years later and I still love it.

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Prakasam road
Gandhi road
God in procession (taken when nearly dark so a bit messy)
The Hanuman temple (red four faced god on right of picture), at join of Prakasam and Gandhi roads
Hanuman, half submerged beneath an electricity substation
Gogula stores with Surya's friend at front. Always my first stop to buy bedsheets etc or to get help with anything I need
Balaji colony; the goats are still in charge
I was still using the Raghu colour lab (or its modern name) ten years later
One of my friendly local shops
Sudarshan (standing) on his birthday near Rail station
Exuberant snack sellers
More happy sellers; I must have been a disappoinment but they loved seeing their photos
Bazaar street
Bazaar street; making garlands
A disapproving Sadhu
The gopuram of Sri Govindaswamy temple in town centre
Stall for brass stuff in small road leading to the temple
The temple courtyard
By the back door of the temple. They have been there for every year I have visited
The temple elephants with Lazare looking in admiration. He is a CSO violinist who met me here
The elephant minder
The cricket ground near Balaji colony where i fist met Suresh Kumar, surya's brother
Inevitable one photo sir
Another team
"Special sir, football sir"
Farewell to the cricket ground
The vodaphone tower The owners of Tirupati near town club
A tailor's place on Prakasam road
Get your biology and chemistry books here
After school waiting for the bus near University
Beggar and boys outside main rail station
Beautiful ladies outside station
They deserve a close up
Pure veg for the pilgrims as they leave the rail station
Passengers waiting patiently
At last it is here
My feet were killing me
The gopuram near entrance to Kapilatheertham (waterfall) temple; and the nearly dry waterfall at the tank
A peaceful courtyard of Kapilatheertham temple
Three cobras in Kapilatheertham temple
Keep our temple tidy









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