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Thumulagunta, 2003   

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Thumulagunta is the village to the South of Dairy farm area. I first came to know it well when invited by young Balaji and Venkataramana. I have put many pictures of the villagers here although I do not know their names. Some of the pictures are of the nearby village of Upurapalle.
Scroll down for main village pictures. For visit with Surya and Lazare Click here;     For Upurapalle and local rural area Click here

Balaji and Venkataraman are on right. Picture is from roof of Balaji's family home
Happy young villagers
Balaji's neoghbour's house
More neighbours
More neighbours
With Balaji's grandmother
Three special villagers
I must find the name of the middle man as he was an important figure in later visits
Beautiful but serious
Happy Venkat with my bag and sisters (?)
Venkat with dog and grannie
I wish I had some names for the future of Thumulagunta
Sorry, again, no names
At the small shrine, later this became a small temple I think
Preparing palm thatching. They are preparing to lay down concrete roads in the village
Trying to hold up progress (remember Tianamen Square)
Building the water tower at the edge of the village
Detail of construction methods
They seem pleased to see me leave
Visit with Surya and Lazare                                                TOP
Surya and Lazare walking throught he sugar cane fields to Thumulagunta
Near the christian pastor's house; they rushed to put on best saris for photo
The home of the Christian 'pastor'
Wonderful Sari. This was one of last visits where the red soil of Tirupati is not covered in concrete
Lazare enjoying his photography
Some village friends on way home from school
Upurapalle  and nearby This is a village nearby. These picture include some in the
village and others taken on the walk near the edge of a dry lake and on the way home near Thumulagunta
The ladies of Upurapalle
Two special ladies
In the small temple
By the lake between Upurapalle, 'my' part of Thumulagunta and the bigger part of the village.
A black (pariah) kite near the village
My cricketer friend near the chicken hut between the two parts of Thumulagunta
Going home to roost
View from beyond Upurapalle
Parts of Thumulagunta
Nursing school on road beyond Upurapalle
Nice nurses
The school bus
Another part of my loyal fan clun










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