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SVU Guest house and local rural area, 2003   

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The first pictures are of guest house.          These are followed by pictures of the rural area including dairy farm etc

Guest house pictures
View of my guest house area from my enclosed veranda
My outside veranda
My wonderful cook and her nice assistant

Murali; very kind and helpful staff member and friend

My room with Sasi and Imran
Other view
Building an extension to the guesthouse
Srinivasulu with Security officer and prof of botany with Diilraju (guest house friendly staff); they beat out a confession boy who stole my things.
Prof Srinivasulu , Sai gopal and security officer waiting for the money to be paid me by the thiefs mother (walking off to collect it )
Surya, Nagaraju and driver; about to say farewell for another year, setting off for Mahabalipuram
Outside the guesthouse                                          TOP
 Rural area around guesthouse                                                    TOP
Temple elephants on their way home to the dairy farm, passing my guesthouse
The start of my morning walk opposite guesthouse
Entrance to dairy farm, beyond the level crossing
Dairy farm gate showing Krishna being looked after by cows; origin of 'sacred cow' in India
The peaceful walk up to the dairy farm
All about theTTD dairy farm
Krishna in the little dairy farm shrine
Lazare being introduced to the temple elephant at the dairy farm
In the fields
Lazare on the farm
Cutting the sugar cane in the fields by road to Thumulagunta
Near the road to Thumulagunta. Extracting sugar from sugar cane. The juice from the crushed cane goes down to underground heated vats where it is teated to produce balls of hard sugar
Piling up the cane
the helper boys explaining it all to me
I was worried that they would be distracted by photographer and end up crushed in the vat
The parakeets coming home to roost near sunset









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