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INDIA pictures 2002

5th January - 3rd February

My usual visit to Virology Department in Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati, working with Prof. Srinivasulu and Dr Sai Gopal, giving lectures in microbial physiology.
I was met at Chennai by my good friend Surya Prakash who took me to Mahabalipuram for a couple of days before going to Tirupati. We also went to this same coastal town on the way home.
From Tirupati I visited Chittoor to see Imran and first met good friends Madhu and Gopi.

I do not have many pictures from this visit; I had a poor camera. They are worth putting on my site because they have pictures of some of my friends in Thumulagunta and Chittoor who feature in my pictures for the next ten years or more.

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Mahabalipuram Tirupati town Guest house and rural Chittoor
Thumulagunta University and students Tirupati friends  

Mahabalipuram                                                                               TOP

View from our hotel (name ????)
Uninspiring picture of Surya, exhausted on arrival
The famous shore temple (7th century)
View of Mahabalipuram from the shore temple
Boys mending fishing nets and guarding my bag. Tamil (on right) visited us at hotel
Tirupati town                                                                                 TOP
The new cellphone tower
The cricket ground near Balaji colony
They also play football here
The level crossing toward DR Mahal near Venkatareddy colony where Surya lives
Surya's corner shop
My taxi rank

Guest house and local rural area                                                    TOP
The quiet road outside guest house. It became much noiser during next ten years
The pineapple seemed such a good idea. My monkey friend agreed, collecting it from my room
The pig research (empty) area where some of my best bird walks started
Cutting, crushing and extracting sugar from sugarcane. By the road to Thumulagunta
The crusher. There are better pictures in 2003
The evening train. Note passengers keeping cool on the roof. Last year where this was allowed

Thumulagunta                                                                      TOP
This is the village south of the guest house and dairy farm. This is the first year that I started to be the village photographer, but few photos only.
At the start of the small road leading into the small part of the village where my friends live
Sorry sir, she is not for sale; photo only
Balaji and Venkataramana were very keen for me to photograph this "so beautiful sir"
Miscellaneoous village boys
Very special friends. Balaji, Venkataramana and ?? They are now (2013) married with children.
Venkat and Balaji. They became my regular guides and guardians of binoculars and camera








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