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  I have been friends with this village for many years since young Balaji invited me to his house. Now the very small children I first photgraphed have grown into young teenagers and have become affectionate friends who come to visit me at the guest house. My chief friend thare is Barath Kumar (also called Balu) who took many of the pictures. I have divided the pictures into Mallepalle itself, the Park, my friends in Mallepalle, my Mallepalle friends at the guest house etc. The large numbers of pictures is provided for these friends.
  Map Mallepalle village Thumulagunta park Mallepalle portraits  
  Map showing way to 'my village' (Mallepalle) and the Park
  Mallepalle village
Entrance        to the village
Old friends stopping to welcome me on way in
Venkataramana (one of my 1st young friends in Mallepalle; now a heavy family man). Outside the small temple that is on way into the village. In the background is a block of flats, one of many threatening the rural nature of the village.
Another bike-load of old friends
Balu's cousin at the temple with the advancing flats behind.
The horrible advance of the flats
The open area to the East of the village with Bobby, Madhu and the frisbee (gift to the boys)
View to the East at another block of flats. Balu with cousin
Looking at a girl in the flats: "sshe is not eligible for us sir"

Balu, cousin, Kalyan and Madhu
Buffalo wandering towards Balu's house
Balu photographing birds in the rough ground towards Thumulagunta with some of the big houses being built there
Balaji with wife and son. I first met him when he was 14
One of main meeting places - at Balaji's house
Bobby with my good friend Suman
Barath Kumar (Balu)
Balu's uncle; he lives with his uncle in this house
Balu's grandfather
Balu showing off video of me playing cello to family
Bobby with Balu's mother looking at cello
Madhu, my bag carrier in village street
Balu and 'sister' in street
In the playground area; Balu's house in background.
Madhu, me, little Bobby and Manoj
With father of one of the boys (name please)
View of the advancing houses from Balu's roof
Ladies on way home; Balu's mother is cleaning her teeth
Balu with sister and parents at their house (being built)
An auntie with cow in setting sun
Evening chat
Mounish (always serious) with 'sister'
Balu's sister. Am I really so remarkable?
Ladies playing a game of ?