Camping in East Anglia July 2021

Chris, Liz and Hugh. 18th - 29th July

A celebration of Hugh's 40th birthday

Kineton (Warwick), Sandringham, Stiffkey (Norfolk), Westleton, Walberswick ), Thorpeness, Sizewell, Earl Soham (all Suffolk), Home. Total mileage 567 miles

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                                                                                                                                                                                                       Note: Kizzie tried to stop us from planning by taking over the map
  Kineton near Warwick. Hampton House Farm. A C&MH site. We were visiting Hugh's friends Paul and Georgie. They all watched the F1 Grand Prix and we all shared fish and chips later
  Our campsite We had a background of goldfinches singing and tractors carrying grain
  A happy camper with his birthday socks  
  Sandringham CCC site.  
  Our pitch next to the forest. Our wildlife included Blackheaded gull, woodpigeons and very active moles.
TOP The wood pigeons courting next to us. The main sound of the site was constant pigeons 'singing' Part of the Sandringham Estate forest where we walked
  Stiffkey. High Sand Creek Campsite. On North Norfolk coast. Adjacent to the coastal path. (Pronounced stewky).
  Our pitch Our welcoming swallows
  The marshes with the sea in the distance Setting out to reach the sea. We never made it
  Distant view of the campsite from the marshes
  My wonderful campanions One giant footstep
TOP The Stiffkey Red Lion for dinner. 15 minutes walk from our site Hugh keeping us up to date on his phone
  Westleton, East of Yoxford, near Minsmere. We stayed with friends (the Shepherds) to celebrate Hugh's birthday. Go to Westleton page for more pictures of the village.
  Our friends' cottage in Westleton.
  Barnabee's Books. A 2nd hand bookshop whose proprietor allowed me to camp on their car park
  So many rooms filled with so many books. I rationed myself to only six of them  
  Westleton Gallery with owner and her daughter, the wonderful proprietor of Barnabees The church
  The pub: The Westleton Crown The Community Hall where Debbie had organised an exhibition of paintings of her painting group
  Peering into the beautifull refurbished and extended Community Hall
  The village stores and post office One of many impressive gardens
  More gardens
TOP The village pond A nice relic - Morris commercial truck
  Walberswick. South of Southwold on the Suffolk coast  
  Peaceful misty place The subject of a picture by Debbie - Hugh's birthday gift
TOP I assume this is only of historical interest as no-one answered the bell
  Thorpeness. South of Sizewell on the Suffolk coast  
    Nice beach house
  Sizewell Vulcan Arms campsite. A C&MH club site. 5 pitches only; next to the pub and beach and Sizewell B power station.
  Our pitch with the Vulcan Arms in background. We had excellent dinner there.
  Our shore walk
  Fishing boats - still lokking
  One of the few birds seen on this holiday: blackheaded gull (fleeing?) Importunate young Herring gull with uninterested parent
  This is one of the most southerly nesting colonies of Kittiwakes in the UK Mosque with minarets?
  The usual start to a walk with the experts checking their Fitbits Prepared for English summer
TOP Our beach walk going North On our Southern walk, hurrying home to avoid the storm
  Earl Soham. Stayed for our final night at home of Liz's cousin Judy and husband Robin  
  Our last campsite
  Hugh, Liz, Judy and Jess Wonderfully competent tennis friends
TOP Part of Judy's beautiful garden View from the pond
  Some of Judy's flowers